The ministry name, Gospel One derives from it's inception behind prison walls on the One Yard, where Art was called into ministry. “I never want to forget where God brought me from and how He called me out of the pit into the palace,” so that was the original intent of the name but, as Art often says, "healthy things grow and growing things change." So as his love for God and the word grew, so did Art’s concept of ministry. Now the name Gospel One has evolved and taken on a new meaning, encapsulating his zeal for maintaining the purity of the gospel, the name Gospel One has also come to stand for, "Keeping the Gospel First."


As a licensed ordained minister of the Gospel, Art combines music and ministry of the Word in a way that many describe as uniquely his own, invoking an atmosphere of Spirit led worship, praise, thanksgiving and celebration where he and the listener become more than performer and audience but rather, one in fellowship, surrounded and engaged by the presence of God. Perhaps this is the basis for his longevity in ministry, an unquenchable thirst for the presence of God, an unselfish love for the people of God and a seemingly undying wealth of music and melody that has given him open doors of ministry from the United States to the United Kingdom, Malaysia and numerous invitations to the nations of the world.


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