Art McAllister, born as Arthur Louis McAllister the secret son of famed Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, was raised in East Orange, NJ, the same town that gave the world Whitney Houston & Dionne Warwick. He led a local band there out of which later came the Grammy nominated Rnb group, Surface which included his high school and college friends, David Townsend and David Pic Conley.   

No novice to the music industry, Art has a very impressive resume in a broad range of areas including writing, recording, production and live performances as a vocalist and keyboardist. To his credit he has spent a considerable amount of time in and around the Hollywood music recording scene sitting in on recording sessions with Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, George Duke and many other well-known  writers, artists and producers. He didn't realize it at the time but just having the privilege of being there, watching these legendary artists record, were invaluable experiences that he would later learn, contributed tremendously to his recording instincts and ability.  

Inspired by the man he went most of his life knowing as his godfather, famed jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, whom later in life learned is probably his real father. If that wasn't enough, James Smokey McAllister the man he knew as his father who raised him, was himself a successful Billboard top 10 songwriter.

Art's background includes that of music director for vocalist, Lenny Williams ( formerly of Tower of Power ) and also Rebbie Jackson, Michael Jackson’s sister. Art wrote title tracks and had Billboard charted singles with both artists.

During his years in the secular recording industry Art was also signed on to EMI Music Publishing where he worked on staff  as a developing writer/producer. Art performs, arranges, records and produces all the music and vocals for his projects and in hindsight it appears that with all of his skills and background, unbeknownst to Art, God was preparing Art for His plans and purposes, as a vessel He would use to glorify His Name. 




Art was 14 years old when his mother took him to the home of an evangelist who laid hands on him while praying in the spirit. Art says, “When she finished praying, she boldly declared to my mom, this boy's a preacher!",  continuing Art says "I ran as fast and as far away as I could from that pronouncement never wanting to believe it or accept it as the will of God for my life.” It wasn't until  he was at the apex of his career, when one big breakthrough after another would suddenly turn into disappointment, that the pressures of the music industry and the lifestyle associated began to take its toll and put him on a pathway of drugs which in turn led him to drug addiction, homelessness and eventually incarceration.

Much more than a story of a hit and miss prison conversion, Art‘s life was dramatically changed by a divine encounter with the Risen Christ behind prison walls. Art say's of this period in his life, "it was truly by the power of God that the last time I was arrested, it was actually a rescue!"

His life was restored as well as his passion for music which he had turned his back on and walked away from for 6 years. 

This time however, Art’s music was fueled by a thirst and desire to share his testimony telling others of God's amazing grace and the awesome redeeming Power of God  to Save, Deliver and Set Free all those who, in faith believing, call upon The Name of Jesus. 

This zeal and passion for his calling led to his first CD, No Easy Road, the title which describes both his life up unto Salvation and the challenges and sacrifices we as Christians face in walking out a life pleasing unto God. says Art, " I believe these days, many churches have grown accustomed to music being  entertainment or the the thing we do before the message. However the bible shows us differently. For in heaven worshiping God and singing praises unto Him is the thing we will be doing for eternity. In other words music is not a means to the end, according to the bible, it is the end." 

Art and his wife Julia are members of The Connection Community Foursquare Church in Palmdale CA, where they serve in community outreach programs and Art serves as worship pastor

Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus

This what it's all about, lives touched by the gospel of Christ Jesus! 

Jesus said, In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents." Luke 15:10

Go ye into all the world!

Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover Mark 16:18

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Personal Life

Happily married to his wife Julia, originally from Argentina, is a registered nurse working towards a masters degree in nursing. Art and Julia truly believe their love and marriage was orchestrated by God. They see their ministry as one which addresses the whole person, combining healthy living through healthy choices for both physical & spiritual well being. They believe a prosperous life is one that comes about  by feeding one's spirit with a healthy diet of the Word of God combined with prayer, fasting and spending quality time together in worship. Moreover they believe according to 2 Corinthians 6:1 that believers should work together with God in maintaining good health in our bodies which are His temple. But in the end we should never lose sight that it is God who heals & it is He who works within us to will and to do of his good pleasure. Although they are often busy ministering throughout the Southern California area in which they live, they remain active in the local church they faithfully attend where Art is also the worship leader. They are involved in community outreach as well as missions, either directly involved or partnering with and supporting the mission work of their own church or other ministries they are affiliated with. Among their future plans is combining their love of travel with their love of ministering and sharing the love of God to the nations of the world, as well as prison and convalescent ministry.    


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