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Offering of Praise

Offering of Praise cd cover

The Latest CD release, the mixing skills of Grammy nominated producer David Pic Conley along with thel anointed alto sax performances of Alex Conedy, combine to truly make this CD an,"Offering of Praise"

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All Because of Love

All Because of Love CD cover

God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son....God has a motive, He knows we all have motives,  God’s motive was Love, He wants our motive to be the same, "All Because of Love"

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Saved to Praise

saved to praise cd cover

We've been Chosen, brought out of the darkness into His marvelous light that we should show forth His praises. In other words as Christians, we've been, "Saved to Praise"

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No Easy Road

no easy road cd cover

Arts 1st Gospel recording, from behind prison walls where it was inspired and written. "No Easy Road" still remains one of his most highly requested recordings 

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Holy Spirit Teach Me

holy spirit teach me cd cover

Have you ever done some things, that later on you've said, "I should've listen to that voice that was telling me...."

God is always teaching, leading and  guiding us but are we listening? 

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Redeemed cd cover

I’ve come too far to turn back now my life has been Redeemed! 

This is one of the most sought after CD''s back from when Gospel One began as a vocal quartet.   

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More Precious Than Silver (single)

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Holy Spirit Teach Me (single)

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All Honour (single)

All Honor cd cover

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A Child is Born, A Son is Given (single)

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From the CD "Offering of Praise"